Tuesday, June 06, 2006

War Re-Enactment

This past weekend I was helping out a marketing coleague with some admissions for one of her events, the re-enactment of the war in Stoney Creek 1812. It wasn't all that bad, with the sole exception of the pathetic-ness of not having better plans for my Saturday night ;-) I guess the massive downpour that just happened to occur when the biggest bus-load of customers arrived certainly didn't rock very much either, unless you consider how funny it was to be soaked through a raincoat all the way to my underwear. Seriously, I would have been drier if I had jumped in a pool. Good times, good times.

You would not believe the number of costumed "characters" that came out for the event. I'm told they dress up and go camping 1800's style every weekend in the summer, traveling all over North America for these events. Um... interesting... we all have hobbies I guess...


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