Sunday, June 04, 2006

Less Than One Week

The World Cup starts in less than a week in Germany. All the preps are in full swing now including new signs:

In Berlin where the final will be held (I'll also be held up in the "Berlin blog house" on June 21st) they might be going just a little too far with some of their billboards:

That's Oliver Kahn, Germany's legend of a goalkeeper who basically single-handedly took Germany to the finals in the last World Cup...

He won't be doing that this time however as the starter for Germany will be long-angst-be goalie Jens Lehmann (unless he gets hurt or subbed for poor play of course). Does anyone else find it strange that Germany is putting up massive pics of their backup goalie for the World Cup? ;-)

I guess until Lehmann can prove himself on the world scale (he's already had a VERY impressive year with Arsenal) he'll always be #2 in the eyes of the Germans. Can you imagine if Germany doesn't do very well in the tournament how hard they're going to come down on my main man and VFB Stuttgart alum Klinsmann as well as Lehmann!?!

Can't wait for it to start, I'm leaving on a jet plane...

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