Monday, May 22, 2006

You Again

So the good news is that I'm not totally crazy or just acting like a wuss. The bad news is that somehow, in 15-20 degree celcius weather, I picked up pneumonia. After physically being unable to stand up without pain and dizzyness for 4 days combined with a steady increase in coughing and flem, I decided it was fine time to go to the doctors this weekend. Blood tests, urine tests, reaction tests you name it. Well the results are in: pneumonia :-(

I've had pneumonia once before, during a broncial infection when I was in grammer school. I was out 3 weeks and it was not fun. Thank god I'm older now and they expect the meds to start helping within a day.

The other "good" news is that apparently the worst is over. I'm still in pretty bad shape, but with this amoxicillin they've got me on they say I should be back up to 80% in a couple days or so. I'd be happy just to be able to frigging get up to get a glass of water without physically exhausting myself!

Speaking of exhaustion, one great side effect of the meds is that instead of feeling an exhaustion in which I feel somehow working hard internally to maintain like the past week, now the exhaustion is a nice sleepy type of exhaustion. Ok I'm not making any sence, and I just wrote sleepy...


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