Friday, July 14, 2006

Kirschberg Curfew

No trip to Germany is complete without a Thursday night out in Kirschberg at the butcher. Now We've been going there upwards of 6 years now, usually the trip starts on a Thursday in Kirschberg and ends a Sunday (I require a min 3 day recovery from a butcher night to fly!).

Over the course of those years we've come to enjoy great food, great service (a rarity for Germany), cold beers and great company. Naturally we have a favorite spot, right in the corner benches by the front door. One problem... that's also the favorite seat of the mayor of the town.

Some background info. Every night after the butcher we head up to the hill overlooking the city and chill out watching the town, landschaft, sunrise, whatever. Knowing that development in small outskirt towns in Germany is very rare and controlled it came to some surprise that about 3 years ago there was a small housing development going up on the edge of town near the hill. No problem there... except that one of the houses, the one next to the end house of the new dev. just happened to also block a tiny part of the view of the village which had the clock tower (very helpful when sitting outside for hours having beers!). That totally sucked! How could the mayor possibly approve a development that obscured, even just a weeny teeny bit, the view of the village from the hill. Well that same mayor of course would approve that house if they themselves decided to live in it!! Bastard!!

Ok so that sets the stage. That night going to the butcher promised to be another great night. When we arrive everything is great, the butcher's got the meat cooking and the beer poured before the door even opens all the way :-) One thing he mentions... the mayor has "reserved" that table for the night. YEAH RIGHT!

Long story short, take a look at the pics below to see who holds more sway at the restaurant and got the choice spot (and meat that night by the way, WOW was it good!). Sorry for how blurry the pics are, they were all like that on the reel and I swear they looked straight that night! ;-)

This would be the victor in the corner spot with the mayor on the right relegated to eating his diner on the corner of the center table :-)

Volker wanted in on that action, he's not much of a mayor fan either and having a foreigner take the spot was quite a piece of gossip for the morning hags:

The crew with the Butcher (to my left, your right). Four lads, four beers, Thurs at the butcher. Some things never change:

Getting our cheering ready for the big 3rd place game (Germany won!) in 2 days that would happen 20km away in downtown Stuttgart. I guess we needed to practice our camerawork a little too ;-)

A little rain isn't going to stop our 3am trek to the hill! See you guys Sunday! ;-)


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