Thursday, July 13, 2006

Man Down!

Well we've lost another one, congrats to Jack on taking the leap to the other side and putting on the marriage chains ;-) Totally just joking, I'm so happy for ya dude, any girl who can put up with those moves you call "dancing" must be one A+ chick ;-)

I was going through some old photos of us to post and came across the bachelor party pics, I can't beleive I didn't post any of em before! Nothing incriminating here, but a great night had by all.

It all started with a little poker:

The sign says it all:

That big-ass shot looks to be a bit of a challenge ;-)

Ladies try and control yourselves!

Ass and Class side by each :-)

The night was over at 8:30pm... just joking... 8:30am:

Once again congrats Jack + significant other, you guys'll be great together!

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