Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Party Announcement

I'm too lazy to re-write this e-mail as a post so here's the cut and paste deets:

Hey gang,

German is flying in and you’re all invited to chill here in happy-happy Hess Hamilton ;-)

Where: Hamilton. Seriously ;-) 100 Main st. E, 5 seconds from the Go station and crack house.

When: Saturday August 12th

What: Bitches N’ Ho’s, Ho’s N’ Bitches.

Who: Everyone’s invited, plenty of space in the living room for whoever needs to crash (bring a sleeping bag).

Women: Yes, bring some.

Whassup: We’re starting at 9:30am at “Out and About” pub watching the opening round of Bundesliga German soccer (until 12), chilling for lunch from 12-1ish, if we have enough interest we’ll set up a football game in the afternoon (RSVP), the BBQ starts around 4-5 and we’ll hit Hess later that night. Burgers and dogs are on me for those that RSVP by Sunday when I buy the food, BYOB/D/G although I’ll be cracking a bottle of scotch for all to share.

Whatsoever: There will be absolutely no "pretzel" demonstrations. If you don't know what that means, consider yourself lucky and walk away... slowly. We will however be busting out the "Stiefel". If you don't know what that means, then saddle up and get ready for a good time! :-)

Word: Up.

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