Monday, August 07, 2006

The Sunday-Monday Sites

Today is a Sunday-Monday. Because today is a holiday and it's a long weekend, Sunday night becomes like a second Saturday night and Monday becomes like... well it's like a Sunday-Monday. Hence the Sunday-Monday links:

Greatest old video game ever - Oregon Trail, an now you can play it online.

Another example of a customer service nightmare.

A good look at market share analysis.

Atheist quotes.

Crazy online business ideas that worked.

And finally a great site that's got lots of food for thought. The Canary Project takes "before and after" pics of landscapes to shockingly show the effects of global warming. After seeing the effects of just a few locations it really hits you.

That reminds me, if you haven't seen "An Inconvenient Truth", the documentary of Al Gore's presentation tour on the impact of CO2 emmissions on global warming and the damaging results of that, then go and see it now... nothing you probably haven't heard about before, but the presentation is put all together in a very interesting and thought provoking format.

We need our landscapes, forests and beaches people!! ;-)

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