Monday, September 11, 2006

Sicilian Laundry

After hanging out in many parts of Europe for various periods of time over the past 6 years you tend to get used to the hanging laundry outside balcony windows in the lower heat filled countries like Italy. It was taken to a new level in Sicily. Every back-alley appartment/house/condo/shed/shack/box seemed to have their laundry outside their windows. Quite a sight in some cities where even the main shopping districts had their "dirty laundry hung out to dry" ;-)

Even more disconcerting was the fact that over the course of the past 2 weeks in Sicily I started to turn into... well, a Sicilian! One o'clock afternoon siesta's, pasta-filled meals and argumentative wrist waving seemed to be just another day on the trip. By the end we were even won over by balcony laundry hanging... so gehtto style. Here's my digs (and shame) for everyone and their neighbour to see:


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