Thursday, September 21, 2006

What? Wasen You Say? :-)

It's that time of year again... yup, it's Cannstatter Wasen time baby! The Wasen is one of the two big parties in Stuttgart each year, the other being Frühlingsfest in the Spring... wait a minute, isn't every day in Stuttgart a party?? ;-)

Last year I was doing the Paris thing and couldn't work it out to get over for those weekends :-( but that'll all change when I finally move there permanently for a year instead of just traveling there every couple months for my studies :-) :-)

Here's the old gang at the Wasen in 2004, just 2 years ago. Seems like a decade ago, seems like a minute ago...

PS> What's with that crazy hair!?!?! ;-)

Update: Has anyone gotten one of these crazy flirt cards? Totally cheezy but certainly a conversation starter! ;-)


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