Friday, October 27, 2006

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Bouncing around the Internet:

Death by caffine.

I love Borat and everything Kazakhstan! That goes double for my #1 vodka drinking partner Leo! ;-)

Failed innovation creating profitable innovation.

The crotch of Europe displayed on every Euro coin!

Drinking is good for your paycheck.

I found a picture of my office on Flickr (second foot window from the top right). Actually I have a new office on the other side of the building now. Having a Tim's right at the entrance was a killer for my stomack for the first month before I built up some donut resistance! :-)

Go to all 5 Worldwide Disney Parks. I'm actually going to DisneyWorld Florida for the billionth or so time in about a month :-) I've also been to DisneyLand Cali and EuroDisney Paris. Only Tokyo and Hong Kong to go, but I won't be in Asia until 2008 :-( Of course I'll have to push that date up if this funky stuff is still going on!

France says "non" to 39 hour work weeks, employees must get out of the office not a minute after 35 hours. Part-timers! ;-)

In further confirmation of my "whiteness", I had no idea who Three 6 Mafia was until I (tried) to busta move to one of their jingles. These guys rock!

I laughed when I read the headline for this article: Top ten reasons that men won't commit. Surprisingly, "Girlfriend is compulsive marriage-obsessed nutcase" not among them. There's a few of my mates that I know are in this position (and a few more that have already been reeled in!) :-) There was this site with the recordings from the answering machine of some guy that had a crazy stalker ex, wish I could find it again since it was totally hilarious!

Hilarious, the Russian employee handbook for customer service.

25 best comic strip ever. Period.

Get Dwight Schute from "The Office" (US version) to call your number. Fun stuff.

I'm totally in the mood for that song: "Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay"