Tuesday, February 06, 2007

SCBB Hockey Goodness

Friday night we kick-started the rest of the weekend the best way possible: hitting a hockey game! Everyone knows I'm a 67's (OHL) fan first, Ottawa Senators (NHL) second, but few know that a close third is my home Swabisch hockey team: SCBB - Bietigheim-Bissingen (2nd DEL) :-)

Here's me learning the intricate mesh of buttons for the various horns that are used throughout the game... just press the frigging button eh Ross! ;-)

The game was amazing, action packed! The final score was all that mattered at the end though :-)

And the final player salute to a job well done by the supporters section :-)

SCBB had a tough middle of the season, but with a new coach and the support of its fans we'll be sure to go all the way this year baby!! :-)

Off to Stuttgart to party...

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