Sunday, February 11, 2007

Stuttgart and CBP

Every trip to Stuttgart, and Germany for that matter, requires a certain number of things to be done in order to really consider the trip complete. Beers at CBP (Circle Beer Place), or Palace Der Republik as it's know by the natives, is one of those things:

So after the game we strolled over to CBP, best drink and coolest atmosphere anywhere:

There's a new Sub place in town, "Fresh Sub" is it's name and it's a stone's throw from CBP. Step 2 in the plan is to feed the monster, mission accomplished: ;-)

After CBP we hit the town. Another great bar that we regularly visit stands out because you can sit on seats right up near the roof and look down on the rest of the bar. Although the ladder does require some sort of coordination getting up with your beer (German is still a rookie and can therefor be forgiven for spilling his all over the hottie next to me... or maybe that's his sly way of saying hi? ;-)

The pics are terrible in the dark (with a drunken hand) but this was the funniest hing I've seen in a really long time, 4 girls with HUGE hefe beers, the lone guy with a mini-Kirsch... trust me, that's funny!

It was a great day of soccer, beer, food and partying in one of the best cities in the world. Tomorrow we'd leave for Darmstadt again to celebrate finished thesis's, new appartments and drudge through "the swamp" :-)

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