Friday, February 09, 2007

Backpackers Aussie Style

I watch OLN (Outdoor Life Network) all the time, I just love the Pilot Guides (Lonely Planet) series of shows. They've got some other good shows on there, but mostly it's all about Pilot Guides. There is one new show though this season that has taken the channel by storm, called "Backpackers".

This show chronicles three Aussie blokes traveling around Europe for a year, alcohol, chicks, cameras and all. Before I was addicted to Pilot Guides (Lonely Planet) and now Backpackers has made OLN an all night requirement (damn I need picture-in-picture for the hockey game!). The show is awesome, go check it out, and after you do go check out the Backpackers site to vote for a "TV Weekly Logie" (television awards).

It sux because I've already watched all the episodes (some twice!) so I'll have to wait for their next tour to get my Backpackers fix. Best part of this season's show: Jag gets hammered and busts his face up resulting in 2 broken teeth, nice.

Side note: I can't wait to get over to Australia man, 6 weeks and I'm there!

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