Thursday, February 08, 2007

St. Malo

Geez, I have like 25 unedited posts from my trip that I still haven't posted, let's continue with some pics from the French East Coast from the weekend before the Juli Dortmund concert. It was a bit cloudy but quite beautiful:

Even had a chance to squeeze some Geo-Caching in, although I can't take credit for the actual find (B-Ass to the rescue), I was however maning the GPS ;-)

Arrrr matey, me thinks a storms a brewin'!

One of the best diner party nights ever was an extravagent night out at this restaurant right on the beach all by itself. Yep got reserved middle window seating, best table in the house! (helps when you're there in the off season!), what a great night, what a great view... (the side facing the sea is all glass and out of frame)

An old coast fortress and lighthouse from back in the day. I plan to sail out there sometime:

The daily walk along the beach boardwalk to the centre city (which is a fortress village with a church in the centre shown here) was the best part of each day:

The view from my bedroom that I woke up to each day:

I say it every time, can't wait to go back...

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