Monday, April 16, 2007

Tasmanian Times

After a great time in Melbourne it was ti me to get to Australia's unloved stepson Tasmania for some serious outdoor adventure. The city of Hobart surprisingly had some non-outback gems to check out:

Being an island off the coast of Australia certainly lends itself to having a thriving fish industry. Some of the restaurants are built right into the boat and are amazingly popular after 7pm when the sun goes down:

You might not think Tasmanian's are very cultured and rather forgettable, you'd be wrong. In Hobart they even have a (small) university dedicated to the arts. Some great rookie art is free on display for everyone:

Taz might not have alot of people or modern comforts, but if you're into hiking this is definatly the place to be. Even outside their "biggest" city Hobart (125k people), you're only 5 minutes away from some stunning paths:

The view going up the mountain was absolutly stunning:

The sun goes down over the Tasmanian outback, what a great adventure away from everywhere else in the world...

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