Monday, December 29, 2003

I never got to post about "hockey night in Pforzheim" MBA game! What a great night, and with the exception of a broken nose, a bump on the head and a couple sore bottoms I have to say that it went off pretty well. I'm not sure what the final score was but a couple highlights for me were definitely some strong Mexican goaltending, a clutch Russian goal and the revival of the "triple threat" power line of Karlsruhe Kris, Broken Finger Guy (not as a result of the game by the way) and the Tazmanian Devil Aussie.

Thanks to everyone who attended and hope to see you all next time!

ed- Next time will be announced shortly after school resumes in January and will be before exams. This time we will have helmets for any who so desire and we're also working on getting some knee and elbow pads for those of you that were... a little inclined to try and make out with the ice :-)

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