Monday, January 26, 2004

Another article by the same guy but this time on resumes. Not nearly as good but there's a couple points for beginners and one great quote:

"If you think for some reason that your résumé will get more attention if you print it out and send it through the mail, that you'll "stand out" somehow, disabuse yourself of that notion. Paper résumés can't get into the email folder we're using to keep track of applicants unless we scan them in, and, you know what? The scanner is right next to the shredder in my office and the shredder is easier to use."

One other thing he mentions but doesn't directly refer to is to have 2 people review the pile of resumes, that way you get another opinion which reduces bias, in fact get 3 people to look over the pile, that way possible bad apples can sometimes be weeded out and good interview candidates stand out.

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