Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Some more links I've been hoarding:

We need to enter some of these MBA competitions, bug our admin on this.

I haven't been using my Gmail account much yet, but at least I've reserved the Rossiroo address. Some more info on Gmail and privacy implecations (even more here). Here's a great article on Google in advance of it's IPO.

Sometimes I miss office culture, especially the pranks. Sometimes not, and not.

Thinking of starting your own blog? Some useful discussion of the different clients available. As you can see I use Blogger (now owned by Google) and have no complaints, very easy to set up and use... and don't forget to let me know so I can link to your site!

Need to get a great table in a classy restaurant on an impossible night? Here's some tipping tips :-) I've always tipped above and beyond the norm and it's never failed to cum back in the future (one time the waitress chased my car down the block when I forgot my wallet in the restaurant). Although I've also found that if you attend the same place regularly they sometimes start to expect the great tip without giving the great service for which they recieved the great tip in the first place, case in point the $40.15 McMullin ho's. (insider)

If I give you some chocolate, will you give me your password? How about you just give me some chocolate? :-)

I go to McDonalds in europe WAY TOO MUCH, but if they start offering wireless internet there then there's no hope for my arteries.

I love the old Atari 2600, we should grab a cheap system off Ebay for our MBA lounge :-)

...of course the new systems are truely breathtaking, take a look at the trailer for the new Zelda video game, absolutely amazing! (takes a while to load)

DVD/VHS rental by mail companines had tremendous growth potential, that was until the market became overcrowded. Here's a lesson in poor customer relations. Don't ever invest in a company who's financial performance DECREASES as it becomes more popular!

So basically eye scanners will provide unbreakable unique identification security for the world, except for all cry-babies :-)

Finally, Avril's new albumn "Under My skin" came out last Tuesday and I'm had to check it out on my multiple long roadies to T-dot and Waterloo, it's AMAZING. This might even be better than her first albumn (although it probably won't be as popular) because you can really hear her singing talent on this one... ok I'm loosing it with all these posts, more to cum...


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