Sunday, June 13, 2004

Wow. I can't believe my three plus weeks back home have already gone by. Amazingly fast. Way too little work done (except for wedding preps which I did out my a$$!), WAY too much partying, TONS of hockey (but there can never be enough hockey!) and great times had by all. Thanks to all my posse for the good times (and a place to crash when jetting down to T-dot and the loo) and everyone who flew in to see me while home (it amazes me that I have to fly home to Canada to see some of my friends from europe!).

Anyways, off to the airport. The flight will be over 10 hours in total, the most of which I'll be writting responces to all the e-mails I've ignored for the past weeks, so thanks for your patience yall! :-)

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