Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Wow, over 10,000 km's in 7 days is starting to take it's toll. I still have to fly back to Germany and hitch a bus to Paris and back this weekend... killer! Anyways I got back from P.E.I. yesturday. It was a long 18 hour car ride that did include some interesting stops mainly the magnetic hill (your car rolls uphill without any power), the longest covered bridge in the world and my favorite, a diner break downtown Montreal at Swartz's for some famous smoked meat sandwiches!

P.E.I. itself was ok but the slow pace of life (people walk out in front of moving cars without any second thought of them not stopping) and lack of quality entertainment was starting to take its toll. I can understand the quaint charm that visitors are attracted to though.

Well I'm back online so for the next couple days I'll be hitting the e-mails hard inbetween a steady schedule of eating much missed north american food (translation Tim Horton's, Harveys, BBQ roast, steak and hamburgers) and catching a few new movies that won't be out in Germany for a while (I just saw the Bourne Suprenicy and will see Collatoral tomorrow). So for everyone who's e-mails I've been ignoring over the last week stay tuned!

Some other notes, links and quips from the past week:

The benefits... errr pitfalls of beer. Stevie J got this one in. Actually I've been meaning to post this pic for a while. It's from a great little brewery/pub downtown Pforzheim. Great beer, especially the hefe and they even serve "a meter of beer"! Take a look:

I wonder if these computers, as powerful as they are... I totally forget the sarcastic quirp I was going to write about this link I bookmarked last week :-)

Anyone who's stuck in Pforzheim for the summer and pining for something to do (other than our 40 page knowledge management paper which I haven't even started!) should go check out the open air movie theatre. Some good movies there although a lot of them are original German. There's also another one in Karlsruhe.

Why Blog? I'm not even sure myself but here's an article discussing the pro's, con's and criticisms of Blogging. There was even a recent "Global PR Blog Week" online event that looked at some interesting issues regarding business and promotion practices relating to Blogs.

Sometime your product can be too efficient or usefull thereby providing utility to non-intended or illegal uses. Google does it again.

An interesting post on the effectiveness of group decisions and the overemphasis on the CEO. Some good points but I disagree. Sometimes it takes the vision, leadership and change mindset of the individual to change entrenched institutions for the future.

This website pairs people wanting to take a break from their career with vocations of their dreams to try it out. Looks like the site is just starting up because the list of possible jobs is limited and I was deeply disappointed that there wasn't any management/business related positions, although who in their right mind would let a vocational employee take over management reins at an established company!

As a hockey referee for over 14 years I've always been appalled by the actions of players and coaches alike when they loose control. It's even more amazing when time has shown that it's usually the lower levels and leagues which have the worst problems as opposed to the elite leagues where I would assume calls would have a greater impact on careers etc. Well times are changing! Amazing.

I want one of these. Fun for a day.

An account of having diner with software legend Bill Gates. It also has a bunch of links at the bottom with other people's experiences, it's interesting to see the contrasts but even more interesting to notice a constant theme of admiration. Perhaps the awe of the invited has something to do with that :-)

Finally, this site isn't the greatest [although I'm sure it kicks the pants off EuroRoss ;-) ] but it has a cool title "DrunkenBlog" and a great tag line: "When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail." Hilarious!

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