Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Leggo my Eggo

After a couple months away from home you start missing the 3 F's... Family, Friends and FOOD! You'd think it'd get easier after spending 2 years on and off here in Germany but it really doesn't. The first couple (stomach) months fly by, but come the third and fourth month it starts to get tough and by the half year point you're ready to drink anti-freeze just to get some flavour in your diet (I feel terrible for the Indians in our program that go from spice capital of the world India to bland champion Germany). Don't get me wrong, I love some good German cuisine, roastbraden, spetzle and a cold hefe really hits the spot, but there's just no replacing some good old home cookin'.

Five years ago (or is it 6 now?) when I first came to Germany they had even less North American style food available. Trying to explain the concept of "bacon" in the morning was impossible, although my friends' mother who sliced some pork snitzel and fried it one morning to surprise me was sure funny (and no that doesn't taste anything like bacon!). Now things have changed and a growing number of brands are starting to offer North American style bacon. The best bacon you can get here in Germany is the Herta "breakfast bacon". It has the best quality but costs double (2 euro's, about $3.30 Canadian dollars) per 100 grams (one serving for this hungry customer) as opposed to some of the lesser quality brands which retail anywhere from one to one and a half euro's per 100 gram serving. The thing is, it's like one third the thickness of regular Canadian bacon! The pro is that it cooks in 10 seconds flat. The con is that you barely realize you're eating it before it's all gone it's so light! It's the exact opposite with the bread which is very light and airy in Canada and here it's like a 20 pound loaf that if you eat more than 2 slices sits in your stomach like a brick for the rest of the day.

Anyways, I've got a care package coming next week that's long overdue with some goodies inside for the tum-tum, I (and my stomach) can't wait, can you tell :-)

PS> There's actually a fourth "F", but you can get that over here ;-)

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