Monday, July 04, 2005

24 Hours of Rollerblading = 48 Hours of Pain

I'm back! Online anyways, if not in Pforzheim itself. Just got back from Le Mans where we had the 24 hour roller blading race. Having a 10 person team fight the rigours of a continuous 24 hour relay race is terrific fun, and killer on the leg muscles. When walking up OR down stairs makes you feel sore you know you've had a good workout fin semain ;-)

What an amazing weekend, many thanks to Grandma for being a wonder woman of planning and to the team for putting up with my terrible half-French Quebecois and making the weekend truely special.

Pics and commentary rundown to follow once I've gotten through critical e-mails which are now downloading onto my laptop from a crappy 56k connection, 101, 102... and counting.

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