Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Gay Marriage... Yawn.

The federal government of Canada legalized gay marriage across the country yesturday (it was already legal in a couple provinces). I couldn't put my thoughts into better words than they did here: "Martin is Catholic and says despite anyone's personal beliefs, all Canadians should be allowed the same rights of marriage."

Can you believe that only 3 countries, Belgium, Netherlands and now Canada have legalized gay marriage? In my mind I wonder why the government is even in the business of granting licences, leave it to churches and individuals, why does it need to be registered? Get rid of all the tax implecations so that everyone is taxed in the same way (as individuals) and it streamlines a whole bunch of processes and makes more separation between church and state. Then I realized that marriage registration does have an important function, for when the marriage breaks down. Having legalized marriage protects a spouce with no earning power from being left to the dogs if a marriage breaks down, it also protects children as both spounces are legally required to give financial support etc. But couldn't/doesn't birth registration (which lists the biological father and mother) be used for this purpose? Anyways, gay marriage is legal in Canada so now we can move on to other "explosive" issues like pot smoking and banning English in Quebec ;-)

Everyone should just take a chill pill anyways because there's more important things in life to worry about, like getting screwed on an appartment in New York or wondering what those McDonalds fries are doing to you health!


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