Saturday, June 25, 2005

Advice From Unlikely Sources

There's so much information out there, but some of it comes from the most unlikely of places:

"The Teenagers Guide to the Real World" is slightly skewed towards Christian beliefs (about marriage, sex and the like) but it does offer many well known facts about life in one convenient location. Worth a glance through even if it's just to laugh about his examples of what it was like in high school (some of them are SO true!).

Here's an interesting semi-interview with someone who makes a living with online porn affiliates. The action plan they state is quite simple and useful for small businesses in any industry:

1 - Be persistent. Do one or two things to promote your business everyday.
2 - Discard the ideas that don't work. Repeat the ideas that do work.
3 - Create new content everyday. Contact a few old clients everyday (not to sell to them. But instead, to get their feedback). Send a Thank You letter everyday.

Here's a terrific article on why "Hiring is Obsolete". There's so many good tidbits in there, a highly recommended read.

If all else fails you could take the advice of a stoner and try to draw inspiration from a lava lamp. Of course you'd have to do it in geeky cool style with this USB powered mini-lamp:

Totally rad man! See you on the other side of enlightenment! ;-)


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