Friday, June 24, 2005

Renault Listens?

Renault has hit the nail on the head with the arrival of the Logan, a cheap no-frills $5000 euro car soon to be released for the Western European market. This car is going to sell faster than World Cup tickets did. Let's put this into perspective, I bought my 6 year old susuki for $4000 euros, do you think I wouldn't have shelled out another measly grand for the joy of owning a brand new car? (although the open top on hot days like today was totally rockin!) How about all those other people buying used cars (which go anywhere from 2 to 8 thousand euros on average)? How about high school students, don't you think they'd rather own a brand new car instead of the piece of junk I remember buying for $3000?

One other question, this isn't rocket science, there's HUGE demand for a cheap car that gets people from A to B, why haven't other car companies (read: Daimler-Chrysler) figured this out yet and used this formula yet? Geez.

Update: Looks like that release was a total sham as Renault's going to start offering it at $7500 euros, fuck you Renault for either lying in the initial release or for jecking up the price to gouge consumers.

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