Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Kuranyi is a Sham

I've had a lot of time to watch Kevin Kuranyi play over the last couple years, he was even on my favorite team VFB Stuttgart, so I know what I'm talking about when I say: Kuranyi is the most overrated player in the Bundesliga. Ok maybe not the MOST overrated, but he's defiantly a challenger. I have NO idea what Schalke saw in him to pay VFB 7 million euros in transfer fees and how he got on the German national team, especially not as a starter!!

Let's take the first half of tonight's game:

5 min - A beautiful passing sequence puts the ball on Kuranyi's foot 10 feet from the goal only to have him chip it WAY above the net.

7 min - Again a pass leaves him with a 1 on 1 situation, ball is wasted.

10 min - Hinkel makes a beautiful pass finding him inside the box all alone with time and he taps the ball weakly far wide of the goal.

15 min - Showing his consistent inability to control passes, dribble the ball or pass... BRUTAL!

17 min - Asamoah hits Kuranyi with another pass in the box, Kuranyi looks like he's afraid of the ball, ball skimpers out of bounds.

22 min - Schweinsteiger with some unbelievable ball control showing why he and Podolski are the future of the German National team, gets the ball to Kuranyi who is all alone but can't somehow pass the ball back properly, totally wasting all Schweinsteiger's hard work and obliterating the chance.

27 min - He scores a tap in goal on an amazing cross that seemed to use Kuranyi not as an intended pass target rather a pylon to bank the shot off of into the net.

It just goes to show you that you don't need to be good... if you're lucky!

The national coach Jurgen Klinsmann should make sure he doesn't play in the World Cup next year without a substantial improvement in his ball handling skills amongg other areas). Trap him in a cage to stop him from playing if you have to!

Of course it's my lack of soccer knowledge that's gleaming through right now since Kuranyi scored a goal and made a beautiful setup to Asamoah in the second half to give Germany a 2-1 lead. I... just... don't... get it!?!?!

Well I wish him luck anyways since he's playing for the team I'm cheering for next year, may the force be with him!

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