Tuesday, June 21, 2005

3 Guys Masters of Ab Ache

The best sports morning radio show by a country mile has gotta be "3 Guys on the Radio" from the Team 1200 (Ottawa), otherwise known as "TGOR Nation". Take a gander at this quality sports programming (I paraphrase):

Guy 1: Yeah Elton John got hitched this weekend.
Guy 2: To a Canadian guy no less.
Guy 1: Yeah he's from Canada and apparently they've been goin' for a while.
Guy 3 Jungle Jim: Huh?
Guy 2: Well they've been seeing each other for a while now.
Guy 3 Jungle Jim: He?
Guy 1: Yeah he.


Guy 3 Jungle Jim: What? Elton's gay?

Or this dandy of a statement from Jungle Jim (on air of course):

I like boobs,
I like big boobs.
I also like small boobs,
as long as they're big...

You can see why it's the most popular morning sports show in Canada :-) You can listen to it live at Team 1200 or by downloaded podcast. They've also got some hilarious video's and other stuff at the bottom, make sure to check out the Chris Chelios/Samuel L. Jackson Hockey parity video and the "Time With Your Wife" song (about the sorrow of the NHL hockey strike)... priceless.

Leafs suck.


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