Thursday, June 23, 2005

Time to Switch?

I really love Newsgator Online for my RSS aggregator, but the constant barrage of re-reading posts is starting to get really annoying. What happens (according to there e-mail response) is every time there's a layout or spacing change on a post the aggregator senses it as an entirely new post. As I go through my folders 3-5 times a day I figure I'm re-reading some posts 3-5 times as the aggregator keeps picking up the post as new. Even worse is when they re-publish and entire week or month from a site so I'm scrolling through 20-30 posts from weeks ago! Going through 1200-1500 posts a day is ok, but not when 20-30% of them are re-reads, is it time to check out another online reader like Pluck? I wonder if they have the same problem?

Newsgator should also put in an option to choose which folder when we add a feed in the "URL Import" section so I don't have to click over to "Newsgator Online" then click "Organize Folders" then click which folder to add it to when it could have been chosen with a simple drop down box right from the beginning. A checkbox allowing me to add the feed without any previous posts included would also be nice.

I'll give it another week or so and see if the duplicate posts get better or worse, or more to the point if I can stand it for longer than another week.

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