Friday, June 24, 2005

Links, Bookmarks and Other Fun Stuff:

Checking my saved RSS links (175) and bookmarks (52) shows all the articles I wanted to post about over the last couple weeks but couldn't find the time because of thesis etc. Let's get some of those out now:

AFI's list of the 100 most famous movie quotes of all time. I can't believe a "Swingers" quote didn't make it in there, may favorite: "You bring something nice to wear"... priceless. More Swingers quotes here, here and here.

Xbox really outdid themselves with this promotion, 2 innings of a minor league baseball game will be played by two kids on the big screen with Xbox and the teams will start in the third inning continueing the score of the video game. This coud turn out very badly if it's anything like our old Sega Genesis hockey days when the scores were like 30-20 after the first period. It'll be interesting to see how this turns out...

What did you learn during your MBA studies? More than these 5 things I hope!

It's horrifying that in the world today things like tyrany and discrimination run rampant. (PS> I'm not horrified that this happened to Oprah specifically, rather that it happened at all to anyone, but it takes a celebrity to highlight the problem and bring it to main stream media's attention)

I'm not interested in the site they link to at all except that the picture they use is from a skit performed on "Kids In The Hall", a fantastic comedic sketch show that was on in Canada for most of my high school years. One of the best nights of my life was getting tickets to the opening show of their live tour in Ottawa, 5th row center with some girl. The skits were unbelieveably funny and the night rocked out. Unfortunatly for everyone else they cancelled the tour after the first night so it made that night even more special!

Just as in the business world with executives, some athletes can build a career and even a legend on mis-perception.

Drool, wifi everywhere, anytime.

There's a new trade mag for LEGO! (you can get it online in pdf format too). Hopefully I'll be able to relish a LEGO experience first hand in Denmark in August visiting Legoland with my buddy from Canada (GRRIIIZZZZYYYYY) and our old MBA partner in crime Denmark (Betts)!

A site listing british slang words, I didn't even know half of these, they're "all to cock"!

Everybody has a bad day every once in a while, and occationally you have a really bad day:

Wow, so many more to go through, but it'll have to wait, time for an ice cream! ;-)

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