Monday, July 11, 2005

Amazing World

Sometimes when I'm reading the news I'm overwhelmed by how interesting the world is... or how wierd it can get.


The top 125 questions facing scientists today.

High schools moving to laptops as opposed to textboooks. I thought this revolution would have already happened by now, unfortuneatly it's still taking some time to gain momentum.

How to start-up a restaurant from scratch.


Cereality, a fest food style restaurant specializing in... cereal.

Funny and weird comeback on the critisism of the recent Channel 9 Steve Ballmer interview, especially since I just watched it about 10 minutes before finding this link. The best part about that interview was when Ballmer talks about corporate blogs and how he trusts his employees: "We trust our people to represent our company, that's what they're paid to do... you don't run any more risk letting somebody express themselves in a blog than you do letting them go out and see a customer on their own anyways".

This guy is self proclaimed weird:

Update: After thinking about it, I guess I'm pretty weird too:

Of course skating around in a circle could be counted as weird, but man was that fun!


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