Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Faster Than The Speed Of Light

After suffering through no connectivity over the weekend and tortuous 56k dial-up prior I was finally able to set up high speed here in Paris. Curious to see how good the pipe was I fired up the P2P. Usually taking up to an hour before a trickle download begins with my Pforzheim connection (it warms up over time to around 15-30 KBps after a day of continuous running or so) which is the same price as the N9UF service here, I was absolutely knocked off my socks to see this after only 10 minutes:

I've seen it get as high as 166 with a running average of over 100 consistently. Drool... who says Paris is the city of romance, it should be known as the city of connectivity! Unless maybe they were talking about digital love ;-)

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