Thursday, July 21, 2005

Moving On Up!

Well for those of you that don't know yet, EuroRoss is no longer a permanent resident of Pforzheim. That's right, even though I'm finishing up a project (hopefully a long term PHD-integrated one, more on that in a later post!) I've moved out to accommodate the renovation of the apartment I was staying in which commences next week. Compliments of my generous friend German I've been able to store my stuff (read: crap) at his place in Darmstadt while I spend the better part of the next 6 weeks backpacking around France, Northern Germany, Denmark and hopefully Italy/Sicily at the end. I'm trying to do that while tele-working on the project... well we'll see how that goes ;-)

Darmstadt is a relatively unknown city outside of Germany but it has many charms. One of which is the vibrant "art district" which was created way back by one of the local German kings of Hessen to foster the arts. The community is still quite alive today and is highlighted by this famous residence created by a famous artist, I paraphrase: "life and nature doesn't contain straight edges and corners so why should our living environments? Rather they should complement our surroundings with beautiful curves and colours". Tres cool:

Of course the place still needs a modern watering hole for the local "artists" to converse about Picasso, Monet, Da Vinci... and of course VFB Stuttgart! :-)

After moving in and checking out the local culture scene we'd worked up quite a thirst, off to downtown!

Thanks to German and his buddy "Server Dude" for hooking me up with some hardware for the project, now if I could only scrap that shitty FreeBSD in favour of windows we'd be all set ;-)

We checked out all the usual places "Park Place", "Pretzel Place", Irish 2 and finally "Cool Local City Place" at the end of the night. This place is totally unknown by everyone save diehard cool locals, it's amazing they even let us two geeks in!! ;-)

The best beer combined with a long night (3am morning actually) and funky atmosphere can really screw with your mind :-)


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