Friday, July 22, 2005

Weekly Links

Here's a bunch of stuff I found interesting, funny and weird from the past week that was:

CNET's got a list of the "Top 10 Internet Fads", but none of these are as cool as the Darth Vader Burger King promotion. Update: Obviously I've been playing around with the Darth Vader site, interesting how it can even know if you're thinking about something sexual but it ends the game by simply stating that you're thinking about something sexual. Looking for more interesting ones (I first beat it with "infinity").

Wow, when designing your company logo maybe it's a good idea to have that bad boy reviewed by a couple people first eh ;-) (via Boing Boing) If you don't see it then you are really in need of a weekend out on the town! ;-)

Don't have much confidence in your gardening skills but want to exercise your green thumb? Why not try "Flowers in a Can" :-)

Also found via Coolhunting was these coaster "heads" that I found hilarious:

An interesting post about the constraints surrounding your project.

A look into the future of windows-type windows mobility, very cool (watch the demo).

Finally, the awe-inspiring beauty-terror of military art can sometimes blow the mind. Case and point "Angel Flares":


Have a great weekend everyone! :-)

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