Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Demark Grizzy and EuroRoss Gettin' Jiggy

We're getting jiggy in denmark! After a fantastic Stag and Doe for Karlsruhe Kris and Hefe in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere Krombacker (near Siegen) I took the transfer trains from hell on up to Denmark to hook up with BettsDenmark and criss-cross Griz on his 2 month European travels. It didn't take long for the wine to be cracked open, but we thought we'd take a pic of the group before the alcool started flowing like the Rein:

More pics to come, unfortunatly I forgot my camera computer cord so all my pics will have to wait till next week. Until then Gizzy's graciously let me work from his stash for the sight. All regular copyright laws and regs apply as usual, AKA none ;-) The next morning we headed downtown to check out main street Odense. You would not believe the traffic jam of bikes!

We hit the main churches, town hall, city centre and a little more in weather perfectly designed for touring and beer gardens... peace!

There's enough peace to go around yo!

The King's tome:

You all know how much I love ¨rock sightseeing¨, the excitement of seeing HC Anderson's house is clearly apparent on my face in this pic... ok so when do we hit the watering hole eh?!

So cool I just had to get it on EuroRoss:

Odense rocks so far, and there's much more to come!

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