Saturday, July 30, 2005

Saturday Web Ramblings...

Got some posts in the works from last week and the weekend, but a bunch of smaller less-full-post worthy links here:

This is awesome! Beer commercials are the best!

Here's a post that looks at the unrealistic nature of video game currency and the probability of a universal global currency. I wonder what the effects would be (positive to third world or not?) of a unified global currency, and what about gold as that standard?

Wierd condom print ads.

The magic of being an analyst, promote something one minute while vilifying it the next.

Boing Boing has got a post looking at the economies of used vs. new books on Amazon.

Market Wire's got a summary study article with some interesting RSS info, nuggets I pulled out: Tuesday is the most active day in RSS readership, with Saturday the least active; Click-through rates (CTR) differs by more than 70 percent from Tuesday to Saturday; "Morning scanners" view the most content; late-night readers click through more.

I knew it! Even the French can't decide on how many of those greeting kisses to give!

Idiots. (wait till the end)

Very cool Vortex: (via Gridskipper)


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