Monday, July 25, 2005

Broken Dreams

One of the best things about moving out of my place in Pforzheim last week was that it was finally "time". After 2 years off and on, 110 Gymnasium had finally lost its charm. This feeling had been building up since returning in March, roomate nerves, broken waterheater, dwindling number of people in Pf etc. etc. This was highlighted by a swami of crazy events in the last week I was there. First off was a 4 police car and 2 paddy wagon near street gang fight that almost happened at street level right below my place at 3am in the morning. Second came the mysterious suicide of one of the people in another appartment. The last straw was a mear 3 days before leaving where a newer tenant downstairs in a drug induced rage kicked through the back door glass, bled all the way upstairs (a lot of blood), kicked through another glass door to get to his shared (with his girlfriend) appartment window, yep kicked that in too. The cops where at the place till 2:30AM that night. Great. Because it happened on Friday night they didn't clean up the glass, blood or doors until Monday morning. BRUTAL!

This is a pic of the back door. I thought it fit perfectly to my feelings of how drugs killed that guys future... broken dreams.


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