Sunday, July 24, 2005

Yum Tum Crepies

When in France... was having a crappy work day Thurs so I thought I'd spice up my desert with a couple home-made crepes. Preping the sauz, look at those sexy-ass jogging pants, yes it was late and I was in my jammies ;-)

A steaming hot pan that I'm about to flip... I have as little confidence as you do that this will turn out well...

OHHH YEAH! My flipping skills show a flash of brilliance. You're treated to the end here as the 5 hundred second delay on my digicam means the chance of actually getting a live action shot is somewhere between zero and null :-)

Now that's a crepe! Too bad I got too much Nutella on the camera for the last pic ;-)

I'm hungry...

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