Monday, August 01, 2005

Vivre La Par-E!

This weekend we decided to combine our Paris tour plans with a little fitness to the tune of biking, rollerblading, walk, skip and jumping :-) I was still a little sore from playing squash for the first time in almost a year on Thursday (wow does squash ever hit the ass muscles hard!) but after renting some mountain bikes and cycling for 10 minutes I totally got back into the groove. It started almost immediatly with some of the lesser-known sites in Paris like this forest nestled house (yes this is in Paris city!):

Some of the parks in Paris are absolutely stunning:

Take a look at this old tower lookout, we had to go check it out!

The view on route, the caverns, bridges and trails reminded me of something out of DisneyWorld Pirates of the Carabean. Playing in these real tounnels would have totally kicked ass over their man-made ones!

Near the cavern/waterfalls it put a smile on my face to know I wasn't the only only enjoying the fun and sun today :-) No joke this dog was splashing around for over 5 minutes before deciding upon a suitibly good look rock to take to his master... who threw it back into the water to start the hunt aknew :-)

The cave/waterfall network, tres cool:

It's so weird and interesting to see caves downtown Paris!

This is the view from the top of that monument opposite the park. You can't see it because of the exposure but I'm actually about to crush Mont Marque:

I guess I failed, can't destroy that type of classic beauty!

After having checked out some of the downtown parks we decided to do some city cycling. En route we went down the very touristy sex area. The street was jam packed with sex shops, surely catoring to the visiting tourists looking to spice up their romatic lives:

And of course, the most famous sex shop of them all: The Sexodrome. As you can see from the picture I'm hiding out in the bushes taking pics of all the perves coming out so I can out them on the Internet... sniff sniff, actually they're my hero's, I wish I could go in there too ;-)

This tavern, located about halfway down the street, was totally rockin':

Well I gotta admit that despite integrating into Paresian life these last few weeks, deep down I'm still a tourist here. Hence the required Moulon Rouge shot:

Another amazing weekend come and gone, but it wouldn't be complete without a couple cold brews and story recaps with some warm friends :-)

On tap for next weekend... Suttgart CBP and the start of Bundesliga again! Yippee!

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