Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Wedding Stag Pic Wave

Here's the first wave of pics and commentary from Karlsruhe Kris and Hefe's wedding last week. In this batch we've got the storyline from the stag and doe which Timmy, Jenny and I hit in style before I continued north (not at 4am as the rumour contends) to Denmark. Coinicidentally it's also not a 5 minute cab from Siegen to Krombach, despite whatever intoxicated younger brothers might elude to ;-)

We begin with the happy couple:

To appease the owners of the restaurant, the traditional throwing of plates, glasses and anything else that breaks and makes noise was substituted by the booming wail of one of the company trucks, a earbreaking bike and explotions from a vintage conon. My ears are still ringing!

Part of the Stiefel team:

The party rocked: amazing food, micro-brew, shots and of course... dancing:

The party started to heat up leaving those who could not keep up behind:

Party on!

More to come as I sort through submissions...

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