Thursday, August 11, 2005

Who Let The Dogs Out?

The title says it all...

All three of us hit the bars last night ;-) Respect the belly!

Best 10 lines of the night:

1 - 'That's as pink as your mamma's box!'

2 - 'C'est un phoque!'

3 - 'Falconry's really cool.'

4 - Griz to girl: 'You can't blow',
Girl: 'You don't know that yet'

5 - You're a rockin' ecdysiast!'

6 - Girl's Trivia Pursuit team: 'The answer is obviously either Jesus or Amen'
Guys: 'Actually it's "And"'

7 - Girl's: Do you need an answer more specific than "Moscow"?
Guys: Yes.
Girls: Russia.

8 - Girls: He's stealing your money!!
Guys: That's not our money.

9 - Girl playing fussball: "I can't get my guy's ball in the fucking hole"

10 - EuroRoss: Can I pay with my credit card? Waitress: You can pay with whatever you want baby!

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