Monday, September 05, 2005

Growing Up

It's a long weekend holiday here in Canada so my little cousins came over for the day, they're getting bigger every time I see them. For some reason these little critters are always quite excited to come and see me and are usually bouncing off walls with crazyness. We played board games, watched a Disney movie, went swimming (I took the role of human jungle jim) and stole desert before dinner. Good times!

Wow, this pic is proof that I'm officially a geek. I'm also getting old cus everytime I see them they refresh me on the new "lingo" from school. This time I learned about "see r' dun" the new short form for "seen that done that" and also how I'm no longer a "dirt" (a word popular last time I saw them meaning weird guy that gets by) and now I've graduated to being a "scoob" which is someone who's cool to hang with but by no means on the radar of the cool kids in school. Sounds like I'm moving up the social ladder from the geek, nerd and hoser I was when I was in high school... well ok I'm still a geek ;-)

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