Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hello Dublin, Goodbye Ireland

Most of the fun of Dublin is the actual getting to Dublin, the coast is amazing:

Of course once you're already there, it's time to party!! :-) I certainly got my money's worth that night going to 10+ bars, this one having the best live band I'd heard in a long time!

Unfortunatly that was the only website friendly pic I have from the night, most of the rest is through the hungover eyes of the day after, including this one of the bar right next to the cheap and convenient hostel I stayed at (and used the bed for like only 4 hours before having to check out!):

Unfortunatly my quick foray to Ireland did not occur during Hurling season (a great Irish sport as brutal as hockey, which is of course why I love it!), however I did catch a game on TV and this chap downtown walking with a stick:

Phonix park right in the heart of Dublin is plroof that Dublin is the big-small city. The day was great and the view was even better:

More from the HUGE park:

A pretty sexy rental car if I do say so myself. Notice the Tim Hortan's sign in the background, it's at the Dublin Zoo now! Although only on weekends :-( and only with 12 euro admission :-( :-(

The south and north coast right inside/outside Dublin is great, I can't believe it didn't rain a single drop my entire stay here!

Dublin docks:

There's some cool small islands just 500-1000 meters off the Dublin city coast:

Ok, well some are a little farther away than that, but you get the point:

They've even got a mini-hill for quick hiking and great views, and with that I was off to say my farwells to Germany...

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