Friday, November 25, 2005

More To Blarney

Everyone knows about the Blarney stone, but what isn't talked about so much are the other things Blarney has to offer. I've already posted a pic of the rock-on! bars in the small village, but here I'd like to emphasize the amazing grounds surrounding the castle and town, perfect for a little bit of hiking and getting in touch with mother nature - the Irish way. The gateway to the forest path:

The picturesc scenerey made me feel like I was in a Robin Hood movie:

I was lucky with weather the entire 4 days in Ireland, not a drop of rain, even if it was just atouch frosty sometimes:

A very cool tree stump thrown. Here I am, king of the forest plotting what lands to invade... or was I wondering what was for diner? ;-)

There are plenty of wishing bridges, rivers and wells to throw in a penny for good luck. It was funny watching a couple boys roll up their pants and wade through the freezing cold water looking for a few silver pieces. I threw my lucky penny in downstream where I doubt anyone will be looking for it ;-)

There's so much more to Blarney than just kissing the Blarney stone. I was pleasently surprised how much Blarney had to offer and I'll definatly be hitting it again for a few more days!

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