Tuesday, January 31, 2006


After years of listening to blatant lies from Ottawa Senators spokespeople on how we the fans needed to cut some slack to Daigle and then in later years Bonk, hearing how often "Bonk is a top defensive center that is great on the power play", it's so good to be vindicated by Montreal putting him as a healthy scratch tonight.

Bonk is brutal. He has always been brutal. The only points he got were from linemates using him as a human pylon to bank shots off of into the net. I swear I heard Alfie call "bank" once before bouncing a shot off Bonk's head into the net. Wow, I can't believe I'm even calling him Bonk now (maybe because of the massive relief that he's finally gone) since we always refer to him as "Boink", appropriately I might add.

Well he's finally been recognized as the floating no work bum that he is. Now that Gainey's in charge they're not taking any of this lack of effort crap, no justifications from Hab's management. So sweet.

It took 7 years but finally someone has figured it out.

PS> Have we got a new problem on hand? Emery gets in fights, talks tough and is very inconsistent (either winning convincingly or getting blown out), all things that I almost admired. First the hair dying thing and now with this helmet sitch it seems as though management is getting a little tired of his act... hmmm I wonder might develop there...

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