Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hamilton Hoah!

After a freezing inital couple weeks here in Canada when I first arrived back, we've now experienced a bit of a mild front for the past week or so (at least here in Hamilton!). Having basically finished all those annoying move in tasks (then re-doing all the things forgotten in the first setup), I finally had a couple hours tonight after work to get back into my touring ways!
[Sorry Dave, I promise to get those videos posted soon, perhaps right after you send me those pics ;-) ]

Having lived in some pretty mountainous regions in my life it's hard not to full out laugh when the locals describe their ridge bordering the Hamilton city core as "the mountain", none the less it was a refreshing hike up and the view was A-OK! :-)

Sorry for the blurry pics, it gets dark here seemingly at 5pm and my little digi-cam has never been very good at night, although I do love it all the same ;-) This one is of the centre centre Hamilton city core. See that tall building right in the middle with the Christmas tree lights strung up at the top? Yep, that's my new place for the time being :-) I can't wait for summer to bust out the BBQ on my balcony! :-) :-)

I've heard some pretty nasty things about Hamilton. Even having only been here for a couple weeks I already know some of it's true ;-) But I'm also discovering some nice surprises, tonights initial tour was no exception:

After almost 2 hours skimming along the ridge... ahem I mean "mountain", it was time to rock back. I was a bit turned around (I'd never been outside of the 6 main blocks downtown until tonight) and was pleasently surprised when I came around the forest bend to see my glowing tower in the distance. It looked sooo much closer at that time than it actually was... maybe it IS more of a mountain ;-)

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