Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Things Are Goinna Go My Way

Despite the fact that it's bright, sunny and warm out here in Hamilton (defying the laws of nature I might add, but that's another story, who said there's no such thing as global warming?) I seem to have been KO'd with the flu :-(

After a long night out in Toronto and a full day at McMaster University (great on-campus restaurant/bar there called "Phoenix", tres bon) I dragged myself home and passed out. Thank heavens I woke up just in time for the Leaf-Canadian game tonight (which by the way will knock Toronto out of the playoff hunt for good, yippie! Go Sens Go!) .

It seems like I'm not the only one. There's a double shot going around. While some like myself are battleing the flu bug, others have hit relationship woes (which we all know suck even worse). To everyone out there, suffering in one way or another I offer this small piece of advise: (click the photo for small mp3 audio clip)

...and remmeber, when you're feeling blue or under the weather, just take solace in something that makes you happy, things will eventually turn around and go your way. :-)

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