Sunday, April 02, 2006

Link Mania

I've been beta-testing SiteAdvisor for the last week+ month and to be honest I've hardly noticed it, and that's a good thing (it's not intrusive). Works great but I'm wondering how much it's slowing down my machine, although my machine's been gradually cranking to a halt for the last couple weeks. There's just too much junk I've installed and uninstalled and it's long past due time for a fresh install. Sigh, there goes the weekend...

A list of the history of GUI's with some screenshots (although not of my goldie-oldie GEM!). Man I remember firing up GEM on my old 486. Good times, good times...

I can't wait to go to Oz next year and eat me some roo!

Worth1000 has got an entire series of great Canadian photoshoped pics, I'll be posting a bunch over the next 2 weeks starting with this one, Canadian golf :-)

(In the future I won't be referencing as their logo is on each photo)

A really interesting program that micro-finances third world family's business aspirations.

Quote of the day: "I thought that the world had lost its sway, and then I fell in love with you"

Geek sex tips; and when geeks break up.

Those credit cards will kill you with interest;

The world needs more games... especially here ;-)

A very cool illusion, do you see land? Well there really isn't any!

This blog is also an i l l u s i o n...

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