Sunday, July 16, 2006

Et Tu ZiZu?

Alot has been written about last weeks World Cup final and specifically Zidane's superfly headbutt that ultimatly hurt France's chances at winning the cup. The guy he hit Materazzi admitted he insulted Zidane before the France captain head-butted him, but denied calling him a "terrorist":

"I did insult him, it's true," Materazzi said in Tuesday's Gazzetta dello Sport.
"But I categorically did not call him a terrorist. I'm not cultured and I don't
even know what an Islamic terrorist is."

What a fucking joke. What Zidane did was wrong, but this guy Materazzi symbolizes alot of what is wrong with soccer, we'll see if he gets his after the inquiry.

This report also shows the character of another player who plays soccer the way it should not be played, Christiana Ronaldo of Protugal. This guy is the softest crybaby on the field. Even his club teammates think his standards of diving and crying go way beyond what is "acceptable" for soccer:
"A training ground spat with teammate Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly left the
Portuguese winger in tears"
Of course cheating, drugs and collusion will eventually ruin sports if they're not careful. Incidents like this make me sick. Instead of diving, cheating or crying soccer players should concentrate on another skill they perform well... entertaining us with skill!

OR with antics:

The sport of soccer will not get better until players start putting the team above themselves. In hockey when you score a goal you race to your teammates to celebrate. In soccer you run away from your other teammates. That about says it all.

Update: Take a look at the replay on Rooney's red card, totally unintentional. Even worse, the actions of Ronaldo before and during the game (wait until the end of the clip). Rooney, when the Premiership season begins and you find yourself wearing the same Manchester United jersey as Rondalcry... woop his ass!

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