Saturday, September 30, 2006

If The Wasen??

If I were in Stuttgart for just one more day this weekend, and if I had the time to go to just one place, and if that place finishes up at 11pm and there's an aftercap somewhere else... well where would that be? Well if you can figure out where these are from then you might see me there ;-)

If I went to a parade would this be what it looked like?

If you consume lots of beers (lots-lots!) then this is what the room end up looking like ;-)

If I wanted to give a clue to the party-house, would this be a good indicator? ;-)

If you've got to go to the beach, it might as well be in the sky!

If the sun came out, and if the beers were cold, and if there was a beach party going on, I wonder if this is what it would look like:

But what if you wanted to take a break and enjoy the sun and company?

Or what if you stayed around for the fireworks?

I wonder what if...


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