Monday, September 25, 2006


With a fun filled memory and a tear in my eye it was time to check out some of the other Aeolian islands (I did eventually have to return to work after all!). Lipari is the biggest of all the islands, the easiest to access from the other islands and Sicily itself... but it's also the least interesting (from a hiking and isolation standpoint) and most overrun with tourists and development.

Lipari would be a nice return to civilization, fine cuisine and fun before heading out to Salina (another island) the next day. They also had a great "mini-theatre" very similar to the one in Taormina (although much, much smaller):

Being a little too big (and developed with highway roads) to hike all the way around the island I decided that I would rent one of those scooters you see for hire everywhere to check out the island. Well scooters are for wussies, so I got the 4X4 and ripped up the roads lapping the island 3 times :-)

It was desitnation Salina with their spring water Malvasian wine the next day...

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